First Time Playing D&D?

Are you new to Dungeons & Dragons? If you're been watching Stranger Things on Netflix as I have, then maybe you've thought about what it would take to kill a Demogorgon. Personally, I've never battled one, nor have I conjured one for players to face. They're simply way too mean. But if you're willing to stay in a campaign with me for the next twenty levels or so, after having an opportunity to see one in action, there's a good chance I'll spawn at least one of them to terrorize your party.

But first, I'm going to start you out at level 0 (ZERO). That's right, level 0 (ZERO). I'm spelling it out for you twice, just to make sure there's no confusion.

Most adventures and Dungeon Masters might start you out at level one. But if you're new to D&D, then what you really need is to start at level zero. At level zero, you aren't a hero. You're just a regular person. You haven't trained. You haven't learned anything beyond what any normal person of your race as learned. It is at level zero where you will find your calling for adventure. This is where you will obtain your wanderlust and drive to be more than what you have always been.

If you can sense wanderlust swelling up inside, then we will start developing your backstory through roleplay. We will work on every aspect of your character from the ground up, going over his or her backstory just as if it were part of an established game. Everyone's experience will be different, because everyone's story is different.

I will walk though step by step through the character creation process. Through dynamic roleplay, I will make sure you develop and become connected with your character so that you understand every aspect of how to play the game. It will be character development like you've never experienced before.

If you are new to D&D, I specialize in helping players with zero knowledge of the game. Character creation is one of this game's most critical aspects. It's often that many DMs gloss over it, focusing instead on their campaign world and their story. Glossing over the most important part of your story (it's foundation) is not what you hire a DM to do. I'll make sure that you take a central part of your own story by making it my job to help you develop your character. I will help you to feel at one with your character, by making sure that you are connected to the most foundational aspects of his or her creation.

The content that you'll be playing with be developed with you and your personality in mind. The plot points, side quests, and NPCs in every adventure will be molded with you and your companions in mind. Unlike a preprogrammed video game, you will be free to do absolutely anything. And if you find yourself intimidated by that freedom in a game, don't be! I will guide the story and help you and your companions find adventures everywhere you go! Your story will be legendary. But first, you will need to prepare, pick your starting path, and earn the experience you need to keep yourself alive when danger arrives.

Welcome to level zero, prospective adventurer! Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons!

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