Top Reasons Players Should Consider Pay to Play D&D Games

Players Who Pay for Games are More Invested and Consistent

Players that pay for games are far more likely to stick with the campaign because they feel like it is something they want to invest time into. This investment will help them stay involved in the game as long as possible. The fact that someone is providing an enjoyable experience for them makes them more inclined to continue playing even if the story isn't going exactly how they planned.

Sometimes players can get bored with a game if they aren't constantly challenged. A good DM will make sure that the game is always challenging and interesting enough so that even when you lose there isn't much room for disappointment in terms of story or character development. You want to keep them engaged because without their involvement you wouldn't have a game at all!

If you have a group of players that like to play D&D, then they will most likely continue playing if the DM is good enough at it. This means that when the DM does his job right, he can keep them engaged and interested in their roleplaying. He doesn't need to over-complicate things or make everything too complicated for them; he just needs to keep everyone on track so they don't get lost in all the rules and minutia.

Other Players Will Be More Respectful

If you're going to spend money on something, why wouldn't you want it to go towards something that will actually make the experience better? The fact that people are more likely to show up on time or come prepared means that there's less downtime between sessions. A lot of times, this can mean fewer arguments and fights because everyone has a clear idea of what needs to happen next.

Competition for Spots in Free Games are High

You may have noticed that there are many more D&D games being played than ever before. The competition for space in free D&D games is astronomical. This is because the game has become so popular, it's now a business. It used to be just you and your friends playing D&D together or with other like minded individuals. Nowadays you can find people of all ages playing D&D as well as gamers who play on their own time schedules (or not at all).

You Want a Higher Quality of Play

A professional DM should, in theory, be at the top of their craft. They should be able to create immersive and rich games, well designed and executed. They should be able to smoothly manage the group, both in game and out. Your experience at the table should be of a high caliber and more fulfilling than prior tabletop gaming experiences in your life. They have the skillset to provide a game unlike anything else you’ve experienced. You get a better quality of play from a professional DM. They can make your games more immersive and engaging. (And thus more enjoyable)

The main reason why you might want to hire a professional DM is because they will likely provide better quality play. This doesn't mean that they're going to be able to make every rule perfectly clear or even know everything about the rules, but they should be able to run your game with less stress and allow everyone on the team to focus on other aspects of the game such as roleplaying.

You Want To Run A Game With More Players At Once

If you have a large group of people playing, then perhaps you need an extra pair of hands to help out the DM and keep things running smoothly. If you only have one or two players, then maybe you don't really need a second person helping out, though it might be nice to get some advice on how to improve your games from someone who has actually been through the process before!

You Want More Control Over Your Game Experience

You don't like the fact that you can't do everything yourself, but you also don't want to spend an hour or two per session running around trying to micromanage every little thing that happens on the map. A professional DM will allow you greater control over your game experience by allowing you to focus more time and energy into what matters most; playing the game!

You’re Interested in a Different Style of Play.

You may like those in your home group, may very much enjoy their company, but are interested in trying a different style of gaming. Perhaps you want more roleplaying or more tactical combat and your current DM is just not able to provide that, despite the best efforts of the group. Enter a professional DM experienced in that style of play to both provide that experience as well as to teach your group this different style so you can, if you enjoy it, incorporate it in your own games.

You Want to Try a New System

Learning new systems can be daunting, especially for the game master. There may be a great number of systems and themes that you’d be really excited to play but just don’t have the time to learn a new set of rules and mechanics. A professional DM should not only be highly proficient in a variety of systems but also be fully capable of teaching you those systems with care and patience. Learning under the mantle of someone who is experienced is one of the best ways to grasp things that you aren’t familiar with.

You Have no DM in Your Group

You’ve heard about this tabletop gaming thing, or its been a really long time since you’ve played, and you really would like to try it out but are having serious difficulty putting a group together, especially finding someone to take on the DM role. For many, if you are passionate about getting into the hobby you end up being the game master yourself. This challenging task can deter many potential players, feeling like not only are they out of their depth but they really just wanted to be a player anyway. The professional dungeon master can step in to help sate your curiosity and light the fire that so many have for amazing tabletop roleplaying games.

You're Not Sure If You Can Do It Yourself

You don't know if you can do it yourself. Maybe you think you aren't cut out for it. Perhaps you feel like you could never pull off the complex rules and strategies required to succeed on your own. This is where a professional DM comes in handy! A professional DM will help guide the group through the process of playing your game and ensure that everyone has fun while doing so.

You Want To Improve Your Gameplay Skills

Perhaps you're having trouble understanding how certain things work in your favorite RPG, perhaps you don't understand why something works or doesn't work the way it does in another game, or maybe you simply want to improve on what you already know and would like to learn new skills. If so then a professional DM will be an excellent resource for teaching these skills to your group.

You Don’t Want to DM Anymore

Being a game master is HARD work and it can be very draining to put in so much time and effort to your games. Many GMs can reach a point of burn out, where they are not only depleted of their creativity but also the passion and joy they used to have for the game. Many also desperately would love to just be a player for once. The professional dungeon master can give these DMs a break and give them the chance to relax, recharge and enjoy the game from another angle. Plus, you won’t have to beg one of your players to step up.

While you may balk at the idea of paying someone to run a game for you, consider how much your time is truly worth. While nearly anyone can run a game for you, is that game of a quality you’d like? Are those hours you are spending at the table truly providing the fulfillment you are after, the deep and rich experience that can come from really well done tabletop games?

You Want to Run a Game Faster

Running a game efficiently is something that many gamers find difficult. Many D&D games are too long and require too much preparation time before the game begins. A professional DM can shorten the amount of time required to get into character and run the game faster for you. This might be particularly useful if you're running multiple sessions over the course of a short period of time or have a very limited amount of time in the evening in which everyone in the group can participate.

You Want to Run Your Own Type of Game!

If you want to run your own game, you don't necessarily want one that is going to appeal to everyone. If you want a game where the rules are strictly enforced and no matter what happens, the bad guys always win then you probably aren't looking for something like that. However, if you do prefer a lighter tone and less strict adherence to the rules then perhaps an experienced DM would be right up your alley.