Mark Randall—Game Master

I am a life-long, full-time entrepreneur, a part-time Ph.D. student of Computer Science, and a single dad to two great kids. Awarded a Ph.D. fellowship from UT Arlington in 2016, I research the field of "Gaming with a Purpose" while incorporating my findings into Dungeons & Dragons games to help make connections and bring people together. I am also a university professor, a research consultant, and a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

My Rates



Crazy about Stranger Things, Community, Critical Role, and want to try out D&D with your friends? Love fantasy? Play D&D from the comfort of home with accessible online tools (Google Meet, Discord, and D&D Beyond) and a pro storyteller! One flat rate for parties of 3-7 players. Newcomers and veterans welcome! Sessions last 3-4 hours. $600 per event. FREE consultations. Level-zero character creation mini-games are included prior to the event!

Up to $60
Per Player Session

Public, pre-scheduled, & non-private sessions typically cost between $0 and $60 / per player / per session and may be recorded or streamed. Booking a public game automatically grants consent to record or stream for all parties. Join a one-shot or a weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaign on Discord, D&D Beyond, and Google Meet. Sessions last 2-4 hours. Typical player count is between 3 and 7.



Need your team to learn the value of leadership, management, trust, loyalty, and cooperation? Nothing says “remote online team-building” like when you're forced to depend on your team to keep you alive while exploring dungeons and slaying dragons! Tell your boss that Forbes thinks D&D is good for leaders… or something! Events accommodate up to 7 team members! Sessions last up to 6 hours. $1200 per event, during business hours only.

Per Session Hour

Want professional playtesting for your original roleplaying content? I will deliver streamed/recorded roleplaying sessions using my own loyal and growing all-volunteer playtesting player base. Each game will have a unique combination of players, although some players may play multiple times. Each session is streamed live on Twitch and is, at minimum, uploaded and retained permanently on YouTube. You won't be charged more than our agreed-upon estimate.


Call or Text Me at 972-891-9399
Email Me at  mark.randall@mavenshark.com