Game Style

I'm a huge fan of roleplaying game sessions. I enjoy voice-acting the NPCs. I tend to be quick on improvisation, able to handle anything my players can imagine. If you could imagine if Robin Williams ever hosted a D&D game, that's the kind of DM I would draw my inspiration from. I don't let rules get in the way of having a good time, and will improvise house rules in order to progress the story. My new players won't be overwhelmed with game mechanics but will have plenty of opportunities to learn as they go. I do everything I can to make sure my players have an entertaining and memorable experience.

Rule Style

Depending on the group that I'm with, I prioritize fun and the "Rule of Cool" while figuring out and adapting to everyone's preferred playstyle, twisting and changing a lot of the rules to make things as fun for everyone as possible.

Content Style

I tend to use a lot of homebrew rules and content. Most of my sessions are original adventures. If I find a module that I like, I may simply use it as an inspirational starting point, allowing my players to make their adventures completely their own, in favor of a more improvised sandbox environment.

Combat Style

I'm not a super huge fan of intensive tactical combat. If we are having a lot of fun roleplaying, and nobody in the group is actively seeking combat, we may skip combat during our session altogether. However, when we do conduct tactical combat, I use Foundry VTT for larger encounters, especially when complicated Theater of the Mind visualizations are impractical.

Social Style

I prefer to use Google Meet for face-to-face interaction during the game. I also use Discord for general communication and pre-game preparation. I default to Foundry VTT when it is useful to do so in-game, although I prefer Theater of the Mind for most interactions.