The Dream Delvers Saga

An episodic promotional campaign for new and casual players

A prominent former guild founder attempts to rebuild his reputation in Dailés but faces steep competition from his old, corrupted guild that has held a monopoly for many years.

While at a tavern, you learn that the town’s winter festival includes a Wumpus hunt in a nearby cave. While nobody has ever survived the hunt, the Wumpus has never attacked during the years in which it has already fed on willing hunters. If there are no volunteers, members of the community are drafted by a town-sanctioned lottery. Those drafted by lottery this year seem very ill-equipped to survive. What do you do?

More Than a Tithe

A threatening force has taken over a monastery. Voluntary tithes from nearby townsfolk have turned into shakedown money. While passing through this town, a couple of monks demand their tithe. You suspect corruption at the monastery. What do you do?

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

You and your companions are attacked while passing through a town. Upon investigating, you discover that your attacker’s priestess has soothsaid that you and your friends would murder her. What do you do?

Weird Séance

Two adventurous students have been experimenting with forbidden magic to try and get a date for your school’s punch bowl social. You unwittingly helped the two boys get summoning ingredients. Now it appears that a succubus is on the loose. What do you do?

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