Session Zero

If you are new to this campaign, please feel free to contact me so that we can schedule a Session Zero to discuss what you want out of the game, as well as your character's backstory, strengths, faults, ambitions, and goals. Session Zero is a solo session consisting of just you, me, and perhaps an experienced party member who may volunteer to help us develop your character. If your character already started at level zero in one of my games, then you don't need a Session Zero. You're covered.


Selected players in this campaign may be eligible to transfer their character to more advanced games to continue to level up with more experienced players in our community. Players in this Castle Amber setting will be unable to advance beyond level 7. Progression from level 3 to 7 should take about 18 to 20 full sessions.

Waiting List

Other players may be waiting for an open seat at the table. Missing a second session will cause your slot to be automatically forfeited to another player on the waiting list.


Being unable to recover your character (by any viable means such as resurrection, reincarnation, etc.) by the end of the second scheduled session after the session of your character's death will also forfeit your seat at the table. Hirelings or companions of any kind are prohibited from holding your seat beyond this period, however, you are free to use them to assist in your primary character's recovery before your seat is forfeited.

Murder Hobo Shenanigans

Any thoughtless murder hobo shenanigans that may deprive others in the party of fun will be met with swift consequences.

Character Sheets & Dice Roles

All players will use D&D Beyond for character sheets and dice roles. Use of physical dice is permitted on an honor system. The links for the Discord server and D&D Beyond campaign will be provided.

Game Play

The following list a collection of my ongoing house rulings for gameplay, which I attempt to make consistent for all games, yet I still reserve the right to change them without notice in order to preserve game balance, fairness, and fun for all.

Long Rest

A long rest is a period of uninterrupted relaxation that is at least 8 hours long. It can contain sleep, reading, talking, eating, and other restful activity, so long as movement does not exceed 5 feet. If your race requires sleep during this time, you must get an accumulated minimum required during a 24 hour period. Due to heightened vigilance, no more than 2 hours of standing watch is possible during the 8 hour long rest period, and exceeding this amount will not constitute a long rest.

Short Rest

One hour of talking, playing an instrument, reading, napping, meditating, writing, recreational study, cooking, artisanry, or other low strain activities that do not require moving more than five feet during the entire rest period will constitute a short rest.